Jun 06 , 2018
Hora Loca Show at Crosspointe Elementary | The Hora Loca Guys Miami

Crosspointe Elementary

Crosspointe is an elementary school in Boynton Beach Florida. Considering the fact that The Hora Loca Guys’ staff adores children, we jumped on the opportunity to be the life of the hora loca for an elementary school career day surprise. Words almost can’t describe how welcoming all the teachers and administration were when we walked through their doors.

Before the pep rally started we were given food and drinks as well as a private space to change into the robot costume. Walking through the door to the backstage, I could hear the excited screams of the sea of students waiting in the auditorium. Not only were they very excited to see the robots, but they were quick to show the robots their dance moves. To my surprise, the kids knew every word to the songs the dj played. The space was perfect, the energy was off the charts, and the performance was amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better hora loca show in Boynton Beach.