Mar 07 , 2019
Don’t Be That Guy | The Hora Loca Guys Miami

As an event entertainment business, we know that we are not the first vendor on your event planning list….and no worries, your doing a great job on focusing on the important ones such as: Venue, DJs, flowers, catering…

Just food for your thoughts, guys, after you have gathered all the must-have for your party. If your budget allows it, start looking for your entertainment part of your event! Although there is a wide team of performers there are certain times of the year that you might want to plan ahead, specially here in South Florida.

Graduation heaviest season, May – June, Wedding and Corporate Holiday Events on its highest point here at the sunny state of Florida are by September- January. We recommend booking all your Hora Loca, Photobooth, Cigar Rollers, Bounce Houses, face Painting and party props. At least 2-3 month in advance for the holidays. Although graduation can be as hectic as the Holiday Season, the demand for our services is much higher on the Holidays.

No matter what type of event you are hosting, planning ahead and booking all your vendors, all your services and venue, always saves you stressful nights and definitely your budget since you are planning properly. Now just because you have decided to procrastinate and leave everything for last minute does not make you, evil. Do not panic. We, the vendors are always ready for last minute arrangements and are willing to help you with your budget as well as giving you advice!

Our mission as vendors we aim to ensure that your event is successful and for everyone, specially you, our beloved client to have an amazing experience! We do all the stressing for you and make sure to ask all questions needed to guarantee an amazing time!

Sit, relax and if your getting ready to arrange an event, best place to start is by searching in your phone or tablet. Grab a glass of wine and let the internet unwine.